A metaphysical understanding of the devil

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The idea of the devil being referred to in this text is that of a supernatural power understanding the type of thing that is the Specter of Communism is one of the keys to understanding the chaos the devil has sound in the world simply put the Specter of Communism is composed of hate it draws its energy from the hatred that swells up in the human heart the Communist spectres tied to Satan sometimes the two are indistinguishable us we will not make an effort to consider them separately the devil’s arrangements are present in both the East and the West in every profession and then everyone would like sometimes it’s power is divided sometimes integrated sometimes it uses this traffic sometimes that it’s all is no simple pattern devil is the initiator of an unrestricted war on mankind that has turned religion the family politics economy Finance military Affairs education the Academy of the arts media entertainment popular culture social Affairs and international relations all into battle kill the dark energy of the devil can spread from one speaker to another after the anti-vietnam war movement faded in the West in the 1970s first is the devil’s manipulated rebellious adolescent to channel their energies to an agitating for feminism environmentalism and the legalization of homosexuality the Devil’s other efforts were used to subvert West the devil can turn people with no good intent into its agents in the human world using apocracy accident at innocent people who going to become its apologist Devil’s agents most of them do not even realize they are everywhere from the elite to the middle class to the lower classes. Its activities manifest sometimes as bottom-up revolutions sometimes as top-down conspiracies sometimes as reforms from the center the devil can change forms and exist in multiple places at once and uses only be inspected in other dimensions to do with work pornography and drug addiction there are tools used by the devil and as long as a person’s thoughts on a line with these qualities the devil can control people think they are acting according to their thoughts but they failed to realize they’re being manipulated.

the devil’s many faces

just as the devil goes by many names does a manifest in many ways the demon uses contradictory positions to deceive a totalitarian regime or democracy planned economy where market economy control depressed for no restraint whatsoever on speech opposition to homosexuality in some countries or legalization of homosexuality in other countries wants an environmental Destruction for clamor for Environmental Protection and so on Advocate violent revolution Oregon brace peaceful transition it may manifest as a political and economic system or as an ideological Trends in the art and culture it may take the form of pure idealism or cold-blooded scheming communist totalitarian regimes are just one of the demons manifestations marxism-leninism and just one aspect of the devil’s fallacies since you do pee and socialism developed in the eighteenth Century the world has seen the emergence of numerous ideological currents Scientific Socialism Fabian socialism syndicalism Christian socialism Democratic socialism humanitarianism welfare capitalism marxism-leninism these ideologies are of two types while it’s communism infiltration at brazzell erosion of the status quo are the main tactics adopted by communism non-violence trains one of the devil’s deceits is to make arrangements in the two opposing camps of the East and the West as it carried out a vast invasion of the East it also took on a new guys and stole into the West Fabian Society of Britain the Social Democratic party of Germany the second International of France the Socialist Party in the United States and many other socialist parties and organization spread the seeds of Destruction to Western Europe and North America during the Cold War the slaughter concentration camps and famines is Burgess in the Soviet Union and China made some westerners count themselves lucky that they still lived in luxury and freedom some socialist publicly condemned the violence of the Soviet Union on humanitarian grounds which led many to let down their guard around them the demon of Communism in habits of Riot complex guys’s in the west and operates under many banners making it almost impossible to guard against the following schools are awesome progressivism the Frankfurt School Neo Marxism critical theory legalization of homosexuality feminism environmentalism social justice political correctness makes avant garde arts schools and multi-cultural.

Communism breeds war, famine, slaughter, and tyranny. These in themselves are terrifying enough, but the damage dealt by communism goes far beyond this. It has become increasingly clear to many that, unlike any other system in history, what communism declares war on is humanity itself — including human values and human dignity. Over the course of a century, communism established massive dictatorships in the Soviet Union and China; it caused more than 100 million unnatural deaths; it enslaved billions; and it brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and thus destruction. Yet more important is its deliberate and widespread destruction of the family, its instigation of of social disorder, and its attack on morality, all of which are ruinous to the foundations of civilization.

Socialism as the preliminary stage of communism

In the west mini look at socialism and communism separately which provides fertile ground for socialism to flourish in fact according to Marxist leninist theory socialism is simply stage in 1875 in critique of the go to program parts put forward the idea that there is an initial phase of Communism followed by an advanced Base by changes in the international situation that time also proposed Democratic socialism was adopted by Social Democratic Party leaders and theorists of the second International and led to the left-wing parties in Minneapolis countries around the world today let him sit down clear definition of communism and socialism it is clear that socialism has always been a part of Marxism and the international communist movement the public ownership and planned economy of socialism is part of the initial preparation presently while branches of Socialism or left-wing doctrines popular in the west seem superficially unrelated they’re simply communism is nonviolent forms instead of violent revolution boats are used to gain power in the West set about bright public ownership high taxation in Western countries serves the same role instead of a state planned economy Western social welfare systems are used to eat away at capitalism left-wing parties in Western countries consider Social Security and Welfare systems to be an important aspect of realizing socialism when condemning the crimes of Communism the violence and small should not be the only focus communism is nonviolent forms deceived and do older people’s minds under the guise of various branches of social some socialist or welfare states in the west today use the idea of the to sacrifice individual freedoms citizens in these countries retain certain political freedoms because the brand of socialism there has yet to be well develop socialist countries that equality of outcome has the primary goal they are bound to deprive people of the freedom if a free country and turned into a totalitarian regime overnight the DraStic contrast between propaganda in reality would be most people try but he would rebelled or at least possibly resist this would lead to high costs for totalitarian Rule and the regime would likely need to commit Mass Slaughter to eliminate the resistance this is one of the main reasons the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China have engaged in the mass killing of their own citizens during peacetime I’m like to tell Darren regimes socialism and Democratic states slowly eats away at people’s freedoms through legislation like the metaphor of the boiling frog the process would take decades for Generations leaving people gradually become oblivious and accustomed to socialism all of which enhance the deceit the essence and objective of this type of gradual socialism are no different than substance from the filing form socialism uses the idea of guaranteeing equal rights to legislation while in actuality it drags down moral values and deprive people of the freedom to inclined toward goodness it’s impossible to enforce equality by suddenly elevating those ignore level so is that socialism artificially restrains those at higher levels especially in terms of moral values the socialism of the West uses pretexts like anti-discrimination value neutrality for political correctness to attack basic moral discernment this is equivalent to an attempt to eliminate morality as such this is coming along with the legalization and normalization of all manner of anti-theist and profane speech sexual perversions demonic art pornography gambling drug use result is a kind of reverse discrimination against those who believe in God and aspire to moral elevation with the goal of marginalizing and eventually getting rid of them.

Romanticization of communism

there are numerous westerners who harbored romantic fantasies about communism so they have no understanding of what communism actually means in practice during the Cold War journalists politicians from China or Cuba as The Travelers what they saw or rather were allowed to see was completely different from the loop reality of the people in those countries communist countries have perfected their deception of foreigners everything the foreign visitors saw was carefully crafted for their tastes including the model Villages factories schools hospitals daycare centers in prison perceptionists they encountered were members of the Communist party or others considered politically reliable the doors were reversed the visitors were greeted with flowers line dancing and singing Banquets and smiling Young then they were taken to see people hard at work able to talk freely and has equals student studying hard and lovely wedding but they didn’t get to see where the show trials mass than five lynchings struggle sessions kidnappings brainwashing solitary confinement forced-labor camps massacres of land property famines shortages of Public Services lack of privacy eavesdropping surveillance monitoring by neighbors informants everywhere political struggles that the leadership and extravagant luxuries of the especially weren’t able to see the suffering of Ordinary People the visitors mistook what had been staged for them as the norm in a communist country they been promoted time it is in the west to books articles and speeches and many of them didn’t know they had been taken in a small number did see cracks in the Oedipus but many of them then fell into another trap they saw themselves as Travelers and adopted the Chinese attitude of quote not airing dirty laundry in front of Outsiders lacking the courage to tell the truth if it shows a shameful silence 31 expropriated legal for there is no impression or expropriation with his great material abundance where everyone gives according to their ability and receives according to their need the heaven on Earth with every individual able to develop himself or herself freely a human society of this sort exists only as fancy and that fantasy has been used as bait by the devil to deceive man in reality power balls in the hands of a small Elite real communism is a totalitarian apparatus controlled by a small group who use their Monopoly on Power and slave and deprive the majority.

Devil’s destruction of culture and morality

let me listen teaches people to oppose belief in God and to cast out the Divine it simultaneously launched his attacks on religion from the outside while manipulating people to corrupt religion from the inside religions have been politicized commercialized and turned into entertainment morally corrupt clergyman with four word fallacious interpretations of religious texts in developers and going so far as to commit adultery with their lay members or even pedophilia this chaos has let sincere religious Believers and an unwavering belief in God with a sign of moral decency now religious Believers are considered foolish and superstitious they keep their beliefs to themselves not even discussing their faith among friends for fear of being locked another important goal of Communism in the destruction of the family using ideas like gender equality and sharing wealth and wife the 20th century in particular was Modern feminist movements that promoted sexual Liberation the blurring of gender differences attacks against the so-called patriarchy and weakening the role of the father in family they changed the definition of marriage legalization and legitimization of homosexuality promoted the right to divorce and to abortion and used social welfare policies to effectively encouraged and subsidized single Parenthood all of this resulted in the collapse of families this has been one of the more startling transformations of society over the last several decades in the political sphere communism would it do polls in the legal and political systems of democratic nations in an attempt to manipulate major political parties for electoral Victory politicians resort to dirty tricks and made promises but they could never fulfill the result of the influence of Communism is that political parties around the world are often somewhere on the left of the political Spectrum advocating higher taxes higher social welfare expenditures big government and interventionism in legislation as with the left-leaning government leftist ideology comes to infiltrate the entire Society backed up with the indoctrination of you who interned come to collect more left-leaning candidates the academy which is supposed to play the role of transmitting the essence of the wisdom and culture of the ages has also been subverted in the first half of the twentieth century the Communist Specter arranged for the systematic destruction of the education system China was subjected to a movement even before the establishment of the Communist Party part of the average to disconnect the Chinese people from their Traditions after the Communists seized power they nationalized the education system help the textbooks with party ideology transforming generations of young Chinese into roaches quote World Cup Spectrum on the Progressive Banner science and progress in order to gain control of philosophy psychology pedagogy and eventually the entire Academy at does brainwash teachers and education administrators high school education began exploding Orthodox ideas and traditional morality atheism the theory of evolution materialism and the philosophy of struggle where all is dilde in students following the counterculture of the 1960s graduate from school without a strong moral compass with no foundation in their own culture lacking common sense and a sense of responsibility and are left to blindly follow the crowd that’s joining society’s downward Trend in society their is drug abuse Rising rates of crime immediate Superior. All manner of evil cult and occult groups young people blindly

Return to God. Restore Tradition. Escape the Devil’s Plan.

Human civilization was transmitted to Man by God’s if you and beings can maintain the civilization that Gods gave to them then when God’s Return Man will be able to maintain a connection with them and understand the law that they teach if you would destroy their culture and tradition and the morality of society collapses then when God’s return people will fail to understand their Divine teachings because their karma and sins are too great and I think you just departed so far from the instructions of the Divine this is dangerous for mankind communism is a scourge of humanity its goal is the destruction of mankind and it’s arrangements are meticulous and specific the conspiracy has been so successful that it has almost been carried out to completion of the devil is ruling our world ancient wisdom of mankind tells us this one righteous. The devil seems out but it is nothing before God if you would can maintain their sincerity kindness compassion tolerance and patience they will be protected by God and the devil will have no dominion over them the mercy of the Creator is Limitless in every life has a chance to escape catastrophe if you mean kind can restore tradition Elevate morality it here the compassionate call the creator of the Heavenly law that provides salvation band will be able to break through the devil’s attempted destruction if park on the road to Salvation and move toward the future.



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