Devil bent on the Destruction of Humanity

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Specter of Communism did not disappear with the disintegration of the Communist Party in Eastern Europe the collapse of the Communist regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe marked the end of a half-century long cold war between the capitalist and communist camps in the east and west many were less optimistic holding the belief that Communism had become a relic of the past the sad truth however is that a stealth only transformed communist ideology has instead taken hold and entrenched himself around the world there are the outright time in North Korea Cuba and Vietnam there are the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries for communist ideology and Customs still exert a significant influence there are the African and South American countries which attempts socialism under the banner of democracy and republicanism and then there are the nations of Europe and North America is body politics happy without people even realize you War famine Slaughter and tyranny these in themselves are terrifying enough for the damaged by communism has become increasingly clear that unlike any other system in history what communism declares war on is Humanity itself including human values in human over the course of a century communism established massive dictatorships in the Soviet Union and China and caused more than 100 million unnatural death and enslaved billion and it brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and dust destruction if more important is it delivered and widespread destruction the family is instigation of social disorder and it’s a pack one routing all of which are ruinous to the foundations of civilization? what then is the nature of Communism ? what is the projected why does it take mankind as an enemy? how can we escape it?

The Communist Manifesto begins quote A specter is haunting Europe the Specter of Communism the use of the term Specter was not a whim of Karl Marx the purpose of this book argues that I needed some should not be understood as being an ideological movement in a new way of ordering human Affairs instead it should be understood as being a devil and evil Spectre forged by hate degeneracy and other Elemental forces in the universe I’m going to Spector took the form of a serpent then that of a red dragon and it keeps company with Satan who hates God and exploits low-level beings and demons to wreak havoc on the goal of the Specter is to ruin Humanity as wild the Divine offer salvation to humanity communism tells man not to believe attacks you in Morality so I wish to renounce tradition and causes man not to heed God’s instruction and ultimately to be destroyed following the Cold War the poison of Communism not only continued to harm former communist countries but also spread throughout the world are communism Spectre to influence Human Society on a global scale and many people even think that the dark witches of Communism are their own people lose their ability to judge right from wrong to differentiate good from evil Devil’s conspiracy was almost carried out even as the Spectre congratulate himself delighted with its Sinister Victory most people thought that it had been destroyed is nothing more dangerous than mankind being on the verge of Destruction currently celebrating its Triumph.

The devil’s Ways and Means

Man was created by God and the compassion of God’s has long protected man this the devil knew and so it said about severing this connection to corrupt man so the gods would no longer take care of him the devil’s approach has been to support the culture gift to mankind by God’s corrupt human morality and that’s warped man and make him Unworthy of salvation turbulence of Europe beginning of the eighteenth Century of the attendant moral decline gave the devil an opportunity it said about some brooding step-by-step the criteria of discernment between good and evil materialism Darwinism and the philosophy of struggle the devil chose marks as its Envoy among men Marx’s Communist Manifesto of 1848 advocated the violent destruction of private Enterprise social classes Nations religions and the Family Season Power his followers are you that political power is the central question of marks in political science this is both true and not true being clear about the ultimate aims of Communism means we can recognize that political power is both important and unimportant to the Communist project it is important and that access to political power allows a rapid means of the widespread Corruption of the levers of Power with violence and eradicated traditional culture in mere decades or years it is also an important and that even without the apparatus of the state the devil has other means of exploiting the weaknesses and shortcomings of man to deceive co-opt course confused and so overturn traditional thought so burnt order create upheaval at the divide and conquer with the objective of gaining Global control.

Communism is the ideology of the devil

At the core of the Eagles Victory is Judaism in materials a Confluence of elements from German philosophy French social Revolution and British political economy assembled is a secular religion meant to replace the position previously occupied by God and Orthodox beliefs communism turns the world into which the church bringing all aspects of social life under its purview the devil shows marks and others as an agent to oppose and destroy the principles laid down my God for Humane Society in the most class trouble and the abolition of established social structures it launched a violent revolution and established a totalitarian state that United politics and secular religion in the west undertakes Progressive I levels of Taxation and wealth redistribution on a worldwide scale it seeks to spread communist ideology to political systems everywhere with the goal of undermining nation-states established Global ruling body this is the quote Paradise on Earth, stick communism Society Nations for government based on the principles of quote from each according to his ability, to each according to his need in the Communist Manifesto Marx proclaimed wrote The Communist Revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional property relations no wonder that its development involve the most radical rupture with traditional ideas us Mark himself accurately summarizes the practice of Communism over nearly the past two centuries God is the source of moral order and God’s morality is eternal and unchanging moral standards should never be determined by man nor can they be changed by Manpower communism tries to sentence morality to death at their have the Communist new man establish a new morality why was denies real morality communism uses — methods to expel from Human tradition all its positive factors with a goal of having negative factors occupy the world additional laws come from rally and are intended to uphold Brown i m in price to separate reality from the law then destroys morality by concocting bad laws and maliciously interpreting 4-Digit God told man to be kind, just imagine teach the class struggle and advocated violence and killing God establish the family is a basic social unit communism believes that the family is a manifestation of the private capitalists system and threats to eliminate God gives me the freedom to obtain well and the right to life. It is to eliminate private property expropriate assets raise taxes monopolize credit and capital can completely control economic life God is government law society and culture should take communism 60-vote violent overthrow of the whole existing social structure form of traditional art image of archery calls to ban time the beauty of Heaven reinforces faith in God elevates morality and nurtures virtue on the other hand would have man worship worked modern Creations artistic Productions that stifle our divine nature You full rein to the Demonic impulse toward chaos and disorder and manipulate Dark World by spreading bass ugly malformed evil and decadent ideas God wants man to be humble and full of reverence and wonder at the vine creation how many knives at the Demonic and arrogance in man encouraging him to revolt against God by amplifying the evil inherent and inescapable in human nature that explains the idea of freedom to encourage contact unrestrained by morality and unfettered by a sense of Duty or burden slogan of equality is used to stir up envy and vanity as man is tempted by Fame and material interests.



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