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Misunderstand Carnival

Bonard Walton
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Ayn Rand and Hayek into the ideological system at the same time, then strengthen preferences.

A certain of the intellectual history tradition of the theory of human nature, it will easily find that An Rand is arrogant about the theory of human nature.

Claims that capitalism is the only moral system, which is an abuse of moral concepts. It completely deviates from the ideological system of how ethical individuals become possible in Kant’s practical rational critique.

Boundary of morality and ethics is always within the scope of a person’s mind, rather than group narrative and social narrative.

Capitalism is a concept of order. How can it be said that capitalism is a moral system?

Hayek is ten thousand times smarter than Ayn Rand in this regard. Capitalism is free enterprise. The prerequisite for free enterprise is a free market. The market is a spontaneous order, and the spontaneous order is the knowledge and ethics that are dispersed among individuals.

Therefore, Ayn Rand’s things seem to exalt individual rights, they use a united group of instead scattered individual people.Her mistake is the same as that of Rawls, and neither can understand how the individual’s right to freedom is bounded by the individual’s spiritual order. The grand narrative buried Ayn Rand here. She was indeed a scholar who came out of the Soviet Union, and her mind was filled with lingering ideas and order of union.

Terrible world

May be one of the few thought systems that can be called eternal.

Those who identify with Ayn Rand could be interpreted as a misunderstanding. It can be said with certainty ideological opponents are totalitarian society and planned economy. Thought is not mainly aimed planned, because the mistakes of economy are clear at a glance, and it is not worth.

It is the liberal thoughts like Rawls and Ayn Rand that make Hayek’s ideological object in his violent fighting.

Rawls’ exaggeration of individual rights and Ayn Rand’s exaggeration of the systemic influence of capitalism have seriously exaggerated the ability of human reason and ignored each individual.

The dark nature of the people, and they all use the grand narrative approach to create a utopian world of different natures.

Liberal Western scholars are all white left.

Liberalism is encountering doubts, criticisms, and even corrections in Europe and the United States.

Churchill said that the next era of fascist disasters will appear in the name of anti-fascism.

The Same Way

The next era of Karl Marx’s disaster will appear in the name of anti-Karl Marx.

Ayn Rand may be one of the thinkers of the new disaster. Oriental scholars will embrace Ayn Rand as the East Asia academic circles embraced Karl Marx. Every mistake implies a fatal conceit about the theory of human nature. The internal mechanism is to ignore or even negate the order construction.

Kant Sense

Neglect and negate the absolute command.

The sky above the head and inner morality.

The “unbiased bystander” here is not a transcendental existence, but an ideological existence that can be designed and maintained by human nature itself.

“Law” is never an object of absolute awe in Ayn Rand. An object that could be replaced and managed by the theory of nature.

In Ayn Rand, the ethical order of classicism has all collapsed, leaving only the democratic liberalism with the supremacy of individual rights.

Deserved rewards

Ayn Rand must build tall buildings and use a completely destructive force to push individual rights to The supreme degree.

How many young people will fall in front of Ayn Rand’s thoughts, because her thoughts can satisfy everyone’s endless selfish desires?

Now this desire has been replaced by a beautiful term.

Personal Rights

Human disasters come from human conceit, Ayn Rand is an outlet for the next disaster.

She came from Russia to the free world of the United States, with a lot of hatred, killed three thousand enemies, and finally became her enemy and killed herself together. Such a description is exactly the fate of contemporary liberalism.

Whether it is in the West or the East, people will soon see that liberalism rather than totalitarianism has brought mankind into huge plagues, famines, and wars, and the world will become a ruin.

What I mean is that although totalitarianism has no bottom line for evil, their power to do evil is not enough, and their destruction is at best their destruction. However, when liberalism takes over the world, everyone will be destroyed in a seemingly beautiful illusion.

The World Will Go Through Liberalism Carnival

End In a Huge Sigh



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