Gun Rights as a Trinity In U.S.A

We live in the world is sinful, Tragedy is the norm! People only admit mistakes.

Bonard Walton
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The United States of American citizens have the right to own guns, which is a very important right of There. People have support it, and who make oppose it. Every time someone shoots innocent people with guns, a call to ban citizens from holding guns grows. People naively think that if everyone doesn’t have the right to privately own a gun, then, of course, this madman-like behavior swept through a crowd with a gun, there will no longer be a chance.

However, this view does not convince all people, a murderer who wants to kill, if there is no gun, can choose a knife, or choose a car, in fact, he may have other options, such a person drives a big truck into the Crowds, this kind of lethality may not be less than the lethality of a gun, do we need to discuss the right to ban everyone from owning a car one day?

The related debate here constitutes diversity, and no one can convince the other, so Americans have been arguing about citizens’ rights to bear guns for many years, which constitutes a big issue in the management of American society. Moreover, Americans still insist that, compared with other factors, one’s right to own a gun is still one of the most important rights.

Why is this happening? Why do Americans still insist that citizens have the right to legally own guns when almost all countries in the world have banned guns. In fact, this involves people’s comprehensive understanding of gun rights. Because it is based on the traditional American Christian culture and American institutional design, the power of citizens is actually a public phenomenon of the Trinity Model.

The first order is that individual rights take precedence. That is, any citizen of the United States has the right to protect his personal rights through the right to own a gun.

The second order, the primary purpose of individual gun rights, is to protect individuals in vulnerable situations against powerful government violence with their guns in their hands. In other words, the primary purpose of American gun rights is to monitor possible coercive behavior by the government.

Third order, fair use of personal gun rights. This is the essence of an order with a very traditional American spirit, that is, the traditional American society believes that a person can become a “prudent” person in an ethical sense based on his belief in God. A U.S. citizen in the traditional sense can use his gun rights reasonably, legally, and prudently.

The above three orders constitute the comprehensive essence of American gun rights, which is expressed as a “three-one model”. Through the current analysis, we believe that the first order, the priority of individual rights, is not controversial, and any civilized country should respect individual rights as the first principle. The second order, the principle of individual supervision and restraint of the government, is also the norm in civilized countries, so there is no dispute.

The problem lies in the Third Order, which contains a basic problem: after a natural person legally holds a gun, how can he ensure that he can use the gun reasonably and prudently, and how can he control his inner motive for murder. To answer this basic question, also face a trinity order:

First order, a person can reasonably use the right to bear a gun based on his principle of adherence to the law;
In the second order, a person can reasonably use the right to bear a gun based on the principle of calculating his own interests;
Third order, a person can reasonably use the right to bear a gun based on the principle of his own fear of God;

That is to say, only when a person integrates the three elements of law, self-interest, and fear of God into his own conceptual order, he can control his impulses and use his gun rights rationally.

In the same way, in this Trinity order, the first order and the second order are both human rational abilities. When a person is rationally aware of the punishment mechanism of the law and his own interests, he may be able to rationally use the gun rights. But common sense tells us that people’s rational ability is limited, there is a minimal boundary order, and rational ability may lead to conceit. When one crosses the boundaries of reason, when one’s reason moves toward fatal conceit, the seriousness of the law and the calculation of interests no longer have the necessary prudent effect on one’s actions, and such a person will do unbearable evil.

Therefore, under the traditional cultural background of the United States building a country with Christianity, a person must have comprehensive individual autonomy in terms of the three elements of law, interests, and Christian belief, and must return to the conservative cultural order based on Christian belief. among.

If Christianity has been regarded by Americans as a backward and unfree way of thinking and way of life, if conservatism has become a value phenomenon that is ridiculed by people in the United States, if those who hold to Christianity and the spirit of conservatism are no longer If you stick to your beliefs and be ashamed of the gospel, then your right to own guns will become your right to commit evil and kill people recklessly.

Such an analysis brings us a methodology for judging American society so that we finally understand why politicians like Obama and Hillary always try to disqualify American citizens from legal gun rights because they have left conservative Christianity, Stop believing that God constitutes an order of censorship over each individual’s mind. When a politician stops believing the adage, “The Lord alone watches the heart,” it manifests itself in their absolute distrust of all citizens, instead of believing that only the coercive power of government constitutes evil control over everyone.

Here, people’s hidden institutional concept is the belief that the government is perfect, moderate, and a public institution worthy of everyone’s trust. That is to say, they believe that a government that serves the well-being of all people does not have the evil order of human nature. This kind of perception phenomenon is the norm in almost all authoritarian countries, so our analysis implies a major trend. When Democrats are racking their brains to deprive American citizens of the right to bear guns, in fact, the United States is not far from authoritarian countries.

But the Democrats’ conceptual order, of course, is not acceptable to those with conservative traditions. From this, we finally understand some phenomena in American society, such as why Republicans like President Reagan, even though he was shot by a killer and almost died, still insisted on defending the right of American citizens to bear guns, because Reagan believed that when the Christian faith is the way of the people The order is solid enough that when the spirit of conservatism becomes the consensus of the majority of the American people, politicians believe that American citizens have the individual autonomy of the reasonable use of gun rights. And for the very few perpetrators who abuse guns and kill innocents, politicians believe that the power of law can be limited in their solution.

These are the values ​​of a true conservative Republican, A wise politician, when dealing with the proposition of private gun rights, must adhere to the Trinity Order, which not only protects the rights of individuals but also monitors the violence of the government. A return to traditional Christian spirit and conservative values. When we do this, we will get a least bad country, not an absolutely perfect country.



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