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Land of Hell

Bonard Walton
3 min readDec 17, 2021


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It takes at least 1,000 years for a person to clarify common sense and gain the sympathy and experience of a person. However, on the animal farm of the mainland, when a person faces the insults, beatings, and even massacres of hooligans, the time to resist is less than three minutes. Only three minutes, you must seize this time, otherwise, you will always be a slave, never as good as a pig and a dog.

When an illiterate who is full of the smell of wine lees, talks, and burps over and over again, appears in front of you; when an opening is a typo, but rubbish who likes to read a long list of book titles appears in front of you; especially when these people do not care about you at all Any dignity, when his butcher knife that intended to kill you fell on the ground and you just picked it up, don’t think about it at this time, don’t hesitate, use the last bit of dignity and courage you have left, and directly use this sinful knife Inserted into the body of the gangster’s sin.

The above behavior is justified. Because you are a human being, you have to defend your dignity and protect yourself.

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The cockroach principle is a description of this society. A cockroach is found in a room, indicating that there are at least 100 cockroaches in the room. The same is true for a society’s collapsed pattern. If you eat waste oil in a restaurant, at least 100 restaurants in your community use waste oil. A taxi driver encountered sexual harassment or even murder, which means that the drivers of 100 taxis may have sexual harassment. One official was exposed to a shocking corruption case, which shows that all 100 officials have a shocking corruption case. The probability of encountering danger in this society is very high. Don’t believe in the stupid view that “bad guys are an isolated phenomenon, and good guys always make up the majority.” The real situation is just the opposite. Everyone is broken, and there is no good person. Including you and myself.

On this blue planet, the difference between countries and regions is that countries and people that are closer to God’s Word have limited room for improvement and correction, allowing people there to obtain a sub-optimal happiness index, but not Can’t completely get rid of the three kinds of suffering. Countries and people that are farther away from God’s words have no room for improvement or correction, so they can only live in a miserable world for a long time.

At this moment, mankind is launching the most spectacular battle of ideas. People who love God are being strong and courageous, repenting heartily, while those who have forsaken God are making waves and trying to destroy. This is an unprecedented war. Although the devil is in power, the final victory must belong to God’s chosen people. This is a historical and present fact. All history is contemporary history. Truth emerges in our time. The victory of common sense is a matter of course.



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