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Bonard Walton
4 min readJun 9, 2022
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On the one hand, the Bible says that “all things work together,” and on the other hand, it says to “despise the world.” How to comprehensively understand these words is homework. When we say that we should despise the world, we mean that we must die, so we cannot linger on the world. When we say that all things work together, it is our life to understand the systemic meaning of the world, and the responsibility and passion to manage it.

The presentation of the truth is a process of deconstruction. It is only when we have a clear tearing awareness of our own human error that truth shines captivatingly in the depths of our psyche. So, the process of reading the Bible, of course, is a painful process of discovering one’s own human traps:

Always trying to give up the responsibility of running the world and wasting time with laziness and stagnation. Too greedy for the material things and vanity in this world, eating and waiting for death, and treating eating, drinking, drinking, and sleeping as life. Trying to fight and kill in this world, using his own anger and violence to seek the ideal world of utopia.

Always full of stupid idealism, living in the depths of hell. Human nature is really a dark being, and it usually falls into one of the three traps of human nature, and often catches one bit and ignores the rest. “Your hearts are willing, but your bodies are often deceived (Jesus)”, bringing yourself into a state of deep sleep (Dante).

Christians are a strange-looking group of people: very loving, willing to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of others, but at the same time absolutely skeptical of human nature. Sometimes Christians are gentle, and sometimes they are dexterous. Sometimes very weak, very weak; but sometimes very brave, very firm. Sometimes honest and straightforward; sometimes decisive and stubborn. Sometimes when someone hits us on the right cheek, we also hit him on the left; but sometimes we have a very strong sense of combat and are ready to kill the enemy at any time.

Christians have always been criticized by people. If they are not scolded by the world, if they are not misunderstood by others, they can only say that this is a Christian who has never walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Christians who have sex with this corrupt world.

It’s always been said that we are a bunch of idiots. As early as Paul’s time, he said in 1 Corinthians that in the eyes of the world, Christians are a bunch of fools. In turn, Christians will feel that those who do not believe in Christ’s salvation are simply low-IQ. Yes, those who think they understand the Bible will think that philosophers and intellectuals are simply superficial. Paul said something like this: “Where are the wise men? Where are the scholars? Where are the philosophers of this age? Hasn’t God made the world foolish?” You know, Paul said these words in AD Between 55 years. It must be remembered that among those who never knew what Christianity was, we were also fools.

We are a bunch of old people. In the Christian order of ideas, we have only the Bible; we believe that there is nothing new under the sun and that human society is not becoming more and more progressive, but more and more degenerate. The world has never had a so-called golden age, it was a miserable world from the beginning to the end. A true paradise, in the kingdom of God. However, in the beginning, relying on his own free choice, man lost paradise forever and embarked on a path of toil and sorrow. We are absolutely vigilant against anything labeled “new” because the so-called “new” is very likely to be another rational conceit of human beings and another indulgence of desire. Therefore, when people in the world are always excited to seize new things when people always seize the commanding heights of this world with new thinking and new behavior, we look old, we are in Clinging to the Bible in the wind and rain, in the age of floods, in the age of new things like viruses, we are old.

Christians are warriors, even killers. The famous crusades in history were to destroy the enemy and sweep across the Eurasian continent. In today’s America, a country founded on the biblical tradition, people who truly love God are always ready to fight against evil, with shining steel guns in their hands, people can see the forbearance of American conservatives, and they can also see them Accumulated anger and iron-blooded power. We remember that both Germany and Japan suffered almost devastating blows from the Americans. We have seen that the big hooligans and hooligans in the world today are not going to act indiscriminately because of the existence of the United States, and they are more or less afraid.

All of this is because the United States, a Christian country, looks like a solid fighter.



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