One’s life as there are two chances to reach the Utopia

Bonard Walton
3 min readSep 11, 2022
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Primary life is the embryo to become a living being comfortably in the mother’s womb. A person’s womb age is his golden, parents are unconditionally responsible for raising them, and the storms of this world can’t hurt us for the time being. One can indulge in the utopian good life provided by parents in his golden age.

Secondly, states for ideal is that after a person dies, our body is gone, and the property be handed over to others, and the concern for world is peaceful. When a person no longer cares about his property, when a person no longer weeps in the wind, when a person is lifted to heaven by God because of his faith, he can finally understand the meaning of utopia.

For a living ours being, our starting point and end point are the Utopia, finally understand that those who construct the Utopian in the middle ground (between birth and death) and in the process are all liars, and will bring disaster.

Some kind of judgment should become a person’s intuitive, such as Plato’s ideal state, such as Confucius’s parallel society, such as Marx’s communism, such as Rawls’ superimposed consensus and fairness is justice when we see them for the first time, It should be known that this is the trap of utopia, the rise of catastrophe. At the same time, we know that where there are people, there are scammers.

Modern music is a gag in the face of Bach’s equal temperament. Tribute to Bach. One is going back to classicism. This is a person’s aesthetic direction, we regularly love those arts related to physical stimulation when we are young, when a piece of fresh music can make our body sway, we think it is good music. However, as we slowly entered into contemplation, I found that really good music is like a sophisticated and noble watch, as orderly as the universe, as bright as the sun shining on the earth. We know in our hearts that this is beautiful music, and we listen, but at the same time go into silence. There was great sadness in my heart, but my body was motionless, letting the tide of my soul pass through my body.

A level of the rule of law depends on the absolute suspicion of human nature in a country’s public order. Human nature has a priori uncertainty and darkness, and a set of systems must be used to restrain human nature. This is the basic logic of constitutional rule of law. Confucianism teaches people to be moral and lacks the measure and ability to doubt people. It is impossible to establish a system of rule of law, and it is only possible to regulate people by establishing some moral role models. Humans are just human beings, and there is no such thing as a moral model in the world. The role models and typical figures of any era that we have heard and seen in the past are false moral idols who stand in our world not to educate us to be good people but to enslave us and be what they can take screws. Mencius said that when things are not in order, they are affectionate. But people are not doings, people with souls, people with dignity. If people are things, its will lose the scale of the soul, we could be whatever bad things are in our life. Augustine never blame things, it is people who should be blamed. The first time I read Augustine’s words, my mind had an essential flight, my thinking seemed to give birth to wings.

The breaking down of things and people. Adding a golden chain to a dog is the vanity of the local tyrant. But to add a chain to a person, that is slavery. Cutting down grass is called pruning; cutting down person’s sin. Human nature is so bad that everything is dirty. It’s not that things are dirty, it’s people who corrupt this originally beautiful world. We will completely farewell to the concept and habit of the Utopia and ideal state from the tragedy, and is determined to move forward bravely in the traged.



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