Origin Of Free Market?

Nowadays as obvious, Capitalism has not, in fact always existed …

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Historians the System Emerge Influenced The Society.

Adam Smith offers the keys to understanding the capitalist system. It first dates back to him, an 18th-century Scottish philosopher considered

Father Of Capitalism

The Wealth of Nations, a badly read bestseller for more than two centuries, would have laid the foundations of the free market, on the eve of the industrial revolution.

Natural laws of economy and the inclination of men to trade, capitalism does not result from a concept, but well of a historical process, initiated with the discovery of America, colonization, triangular trade. A New World where the Aztecs did not attach any material value to gold. Today has been taken for granted.

Theories of Yesterday, Realities of Today.

Capitalism even escapes its creators it has its own dynamic it is a strong wind very difficult to control and we use in a way most of the theoretical arguments but clearly, it even escapes the intelligibility of the best actors but if the birth of capitalism has indeed nothing to do with Adam Smith. Why his book the wealth of nations was so important and why his vision of is economics as a science so widely shared.

In the 17th Century of carl von linné, the famous botanist decides that he will consider the natural world as a whole and define it as a hierarchical system begins to work on his project which he calls Sistema nature.

Understand the current crisis from which capitalism comes from a natural evolution of our societies from theories developed over the years political and technological changes we are all part of a system whose origins we do not know well and yet this story should shed light on us airer on our present and future.

I believe that transmitted to which the conceptual crack of the contemporary modern theory of individuals at the interaction of the markets. but they did not do the model quantify for a vision of the economy.

Revolution happened in the middle of the 18th Century when economies are taken over. Newtonian physics tools to apply it economic to the point that illusion was to find the equivalent of physical laws for economics.

Social and political forces are the central forces in the dynamics.



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