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Spatial Conservat

Bonard Walton
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Methodological conservatism in the sense of ultimate truth. Understand conservatism as a verb, not a noun that directly points to the truth.

Conservatism is still habitual and pragmatic.

My point is without the belief based on the words of the Bible, not have presence of truth, without benchmark preconditions, not have starting point of problem consciousness, there will be no emergence of thoughts.

Conservatism Mean

Find that they are all characteristic conservatism, and they are all based on their own a priori concept and order, adding their love to conservatism.

Some people keep the customs, some people keep the spirit of the rivers and lakes. Some people Love the wines and delicious.

It is ridiculous about illiterate anti-traditional organizations have begun to shout for the restoration of traditional culture, which gives people the illusion of conservatism.

People’s shortsightedness is not an individual phenomenon !

It is a general epistemological error.

What people value is the meaning of the verb to be conservative. As for what the object of conservation is, people, don’t want to think deeply.that seems to have a little bit of conservatism:

Conservative Freedom

Even if what conservatism protects is human freedom, people must clarify freedom is what.

Question is not easy to answer easily. A vast history of thought and literature on freedom can be said to be full of sweat.

The ironic fact is that a large number of scholars who are interested in conservatism will scold as long as they hear of God’s faith as if they can be freer and more conservative as long as they abandon.

Rough anger of people hopes to find a solution quickly. They thinks make solution requires a person to humble first and admit their guilt and limitation, powerlessness and ignorance.

Everyone hopes to find panacea at the institutional level.


God’s word must precede the meaning of man.

This is a linear order.

If a person desires to update, he should first listen to God’s words, secondly, he should doubt humanity and criticize humanity, and finally think about the improvement of the system.



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