The logical relationship between pre-dinner prayer and our wisdom

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People must eat every day, face food, and think more about problems. Every question is a great gratitude, and every gratitude is a life-related joy. Ask everything and be grateful for everything! These questions are presented as two paths, one path is the outward inquiry, and the other is the inward inquiry. The outward inquiry points to comprehensive reasons, and the inward inquiry points to subdivided knowledge.

If we develop the outward questioning approach about a bowl of rice, one can enumerate at least 7 consecutive questions, each of which is involved in a value, thus forming a problem chain and value chain, prompting us to find the cause of the facts .

The first question: Who made this bowl of rice for me? The answer is the chef, so I want to thank the chef. If I really learn to thank the chef, it means that I will never yell at the chef and waiters and give orders. It means that I truly understand that everyone is equal. In this way, I will jump out of the traditional Chinese concept of “skilled, farmer, industry, and commerce”, and jump out of the misconception that “workers rule people, and workers rule people.” From then on, I no longer have occupational discrimination, no longer look down on part-time workers and cleaners, no longer feel that I am an official or a scholar, so I no longer have the concept of “rich areas, slum areas”, and I can Understand the rationality of a mayor and a plumber living next to each other.

The second question: Where did the chef buy the rice? The answer is the distributor, so we have to thank the distributor. If I really learn to thank dealers, it means that I understand the importance of logistics in the sense of economic exchange. From then on, there are no more economic concepts of “exchange is not as good as production” and “business is not as good as agriculture”, and from then on No longer use such stupid words as “speculation”. A bag of Thai rice would not come to my table without the dealer’s hard work. Therefore, trading is not only a market behavior, but also an act of love. Through a profit-making behavior, business entrepreneurs sent food and vegetables to us far away.

The third question: Where do the rice distributors buy rice? The answer is farmers, and we have to thank them. The spirit of gratitude of the Chinese is eye-catching here, but it also ends here. Who knows that Chinese food is hard work.” He only knows the hard work of farmers in farming. When they eat, thank them. Therefore, we must oppose policies that discriminate against peasants, and forcibly lower prices of agricultural products in order to stabilize urban prices. People who have lived abroad must know that their rice and vegetables are always much more expensive than ours, and their industrial products are always much cheaper than ours. It is their policy that contains the ethical demands of respecting farmers, and the best respect for farmers is, of course, to allow them to set prices freely according to market demand, rather than deliberately lowering the prices of agricultural products. Because of this, we see that farmers in many countries look beautiful, and there is almost no difference between urban and rural areas.

The fourth question: Why can rice be grown? The answer is that there are rice seeds, so I have to thank the seeds. If I learn to face a seed expressly, learn to be grateful in front of a plant of rice or a bunch of roots, congratulations, I am already a good poet, and I have learned to project my beautiful imagination onto matter In my body, my lyric ability has crossed the boundaries of physics, and finally became vivid and poetic.

The fifth question: Where does the seed come from? The answer is that the seed grows from the land itself, so thank the earth and the earth. Toynbee wrote a book, “Humans and Mother Earth”. The psychologist Jung once analyzed that the psychological prototype of human beings is mainly the emotion of the earth. Of course, thanking the earth is a very advanced form of gratitude. Through observation of the earth, people realize that the earth nurtures life, and everyone runs passionately on the earth. This constitutes a beautiful picture. The earth is suspended in the air. The earth does not have a clear fulcrum, but our earth is so stable. The mountains are undulating, the plains are vast, and the rivers are turbulent. This is the world of the Father, and man cannot create it, so there is only thanksgiving and only praise.

The sixth question: Why does the earth grow seeds? The answer is that because the earth is surrounded by rain, sunlight, and air just right and without any difference, the earth becomes a living environment, which contains all the life elements. People cannot design this kind of environment that nurtures life. People can only adapt to this environment and cannot change it. This is really an incredible system, no wonder some astronauts see the earth in space, believe in God, and go to the ends of the earth. Spread the word of God to strangers. It’s incredible, far surpassing human intelligence. How could our earth be so beautiful if it weren’t designed by an almighty designer himself. So we have to thank the sun, air and rain. In fact, the words of the Bible have long been guiding us. God tells the sun to shine on the good and the bad, and rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. When I read such words for the first time, my heart cheered, because I saw love in the order of daily affairs for the first time through the revelation of God’s words.

The seventh question: Why is there such a life element on the earth, but we have not found such an element on other planets for the time being. Some people say that this is the result of natural evolution, but any evolution always has a starting point. What is the starting point of the earth? How did our planet begin. We are people with the ability to speak, and people with imagination, so we must learn to keep asking questions until we become speechless, until we either believe that this is a creation of God, or enter permanent silence.

From the existing literature rather than scientific conjecture, the answer should be that God created the elements of life on the earth. The first chapter of Genesis tells the whole process of God’s creation of life. About 1000 BC, this book has been written clearly. From the literature, there is no record earlier than this answer.

This is the end of human rational questioning. If we continue to ask, we will face a basic question: who is God. However, from an epistemological point of view, man is definitely less than God, and absolutely less than one. How can a small existence define a large existence? If a small being wants to know a big being, the only way is for the big being to give the small being enlightenment. This is a problem that exceeds our human minds. In a great transcendental order, in the face of existence beyond our rationality and experience, we either choose to believe or give up.

Europeans and Americans choose to believe, and Chinese choose to give up. Believe in you will be grateful, and there will be endless curiosity. If you give up, you will be indifferent.

metaphysics. A metaphysics with scientific signs allows us to find the ultimate cause of facts. You can also disbelieve this answer and continue to ask. In short, it is good to ask, because it will train the imagination. We are human beings, and only humans have imagination. It is impossible for a monkey to ask so many questions after eating a bowl of rice. Therefore, as a person, one must practice the art of gratitude repeatedly. Faced with a bowl of rice, you can still ask 7 questions in a row toward the inside of the rice. This process of inward inquiry is called the subdivision of knowledge. Through the subdivision of knowledge, human beings can improve our quality of life and realize technological innovation.

The Chinese people’s ability to subdivide a bowl of rice is to boil rice into rice soup or rice noodles. Our hometown also makes rice cakes. Koreans learn from the Chinese to make rice noodles and rice cakes. The Japanese followed the Chinese and made sushi. But Europeans and Americans discovered carbohydrates by subdividing rice.

Carbohydrates are the general term for polyhydroxy aldehydes or polyhydroxy ketones and their condensation polymers and certain derivatives. They are generally composed of three elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and are widely distributed in nature. Also known as “sugars”, its origin is based on the fact that a class of substances previously discovered by biochemists can be written as an empirical formula: Cn(H2O)n. The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is always 2:1, so sugars are considered to be carbon. And water compound.

Later, through the breakdown of the human body, Europeans and Americans found that it is not enough for humans to eat only carbohydrates and rice. Human bodies cannot be maintained by sugar alone. People must learn to eat meat, beef and mutton. The Bible says that the beautiful land of Canaan is full of milk and honey. Milk is fat; honey is sugar. Eating is a comprehensive art, and God has long enlightened it. So we have to be grateful.



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