Vigilant For Ignorance!

A Clear Belief

Bonard Walton
2 min readJan 20, 2022
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I hate two kinds of people most, one is knowledgeable and talented without faith, and the other is the ignorance with faith.

This sentence is what American thinker said.

The knowledgeable and talented people without faith criticized many scholars who were far away from the church, did not need to pray for faith, indulged in the life of money worship, and forgot the ethical order promulgated by God and other bad phenomena.

Ignorance, Criticized many Christians in the church for pursuing a mysterious spiritual experience, lacking a clear awareness of the meaning of people.

Lacking necessary professional skills. Some people even regarded unlimited His God as forcibly compressed in his narrow mind, and from this, he moves toward anti-intellectualism and hypocrisy.

Why do you frequently quote the words? Because according logical approach, presented several epistemological situations knowledgeable and talented without faith, ignorance with faith, no The ignorance of faith, the knowledgeable and talented person of faith.

In the dimension of the history of thought, problem consciousness of European empiricism and emphasized that the meaning of man is the highest in this empirical world.

Honesty and sharpness make both believers and non-believers uncomfortable.

No Belief in God

No Respect for Individuals

No Problem Awareness of Science



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